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Data Engineering

Automated Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines to structure and consolidate data from separate sources

Data Analytics

Visualise data through reports and dashboards. Diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Business Intelligence

Understanding businesses and their needs through automated business intelligence reports making businesses data driven

Data Science

Use advanced data processing techniques to extract insights from textual, numeric, time and geo data

Artificial Intelligence

Use data science to design autonomous decision making processes amounting do Artificial Intelligence


User driven development of Web applications, CMS, and APIs, with strong focus on engaging user experience

How We Work

We typically deliver projects through 2-week sprints.


User Centric
Product Design

User driven product design and development with emphasis on user experience and engaging UI

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Proposal &

Breaking down project into fixed term sprints with fixed price proposals and transparent and granular pricing

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Agile Product

Agile sprint based product development with clear deliverables and acceptance criteria

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Support &

Regular monitoring and scheduled, urgent and on-demand maintenance and feature development

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With our amazing clients, we achieve excellent results

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Dr. Gabrijel Persin

Dr. Gabrijel Persin

CTO & Senior Data Scientist

Gabrijel is a PhD level data scientist with strong process automation, trend analysis and anomaly detection skills. His PhD topic was autonomous anomaly detection systems based on advanced spectral analysis and trend forecasting techniques. During his research fellowship at Cranfield University, he has worked on numerous applied science projects in signal processing, anomaly detection, process diagnostics, intelligent system design and process automation. Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, Gabrijel has led web development and data science teams while delivering high quality data analytics, data science and business intelligence solutions to SMEs.

Data Science 95%

Anomaly detection 85%

Signal processing 75%

Jiaxin Xie

Jiaxin Xie

Product Manager & Business Analyst

Jiaxin is an Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner with strong technical and commercial skills. With the MSc in Finance and certificates in Strategic Business, Marketing and Operation Analytics etc, she possesses in-depth knowledge of business analytics. Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, she had been a Business Intelligence Analyst at a data science consultancy helping tech companies be more data-driven. Before that, she had been a senior consultant in a financial technology company serving institutional investors, where she gained expertise in performance analysis, financial management and workflow optimization.

Strategic consulting 90%

Data Analytics 85%

Business Analysis 80%

Adair Chávez Roveglia

Adair Chávez Roveglia

Lead Developer & Data Engineer

Adair is a very experienced web application developer, data engineer, and data scientist with a BSc degree in Physics and MSc in Artificial Intelligence. During his Master studies, he focused on predicting stock market price using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Prior to joining Qualimental Technologies, Adair has been working as bespoke web application developer using Ruby, Python, and SQL and worked extensively with PostgreSQL, MongoDB and mySQL databases. Some of the most recent projects include development of social sharing platform, development of fundraiser platform, and development of Extract, Transform, Load solutions in data engineering.

Web application development 95%

Data Engineering 80%

Artificial Intelligence 75%

Péter Koczka

Péter Koczka

Senior NLP Data Scientist

With the master degree in Linguistics, Peter is a Computational Linguist by background. He is also a computer enthusiast, for both hardware and software and excelled in multiple programming languages (especially Python) and operating systems. Combined with extension programming experiences, Peter has been analysing textual data from both linguistic and computational aspects, which help him advance in this field. Peter has 10 years experience as a linguistic, research fellow and data scientist in both institute ( the Department of Language Technology and Applied Linguistics) and various businesses (e.g Blackrock, SignAll Technologies).

Computational Linguistics 95%

Natural language processing 90%

Data science 80%

Hitesh Chauhan

Hitesh Chauhan

Senior UX Designer/Product Manager

With a BA (Hons) in Multimedia Design, Hitesh started his career as traditional graphic and web designer, then progressed towards being an accomplished digital design creative. Amongst many of his roles, he was recently Senior UX/UI designer at Technicolor and Cloudintaweb (Digital marketing agency) and previously Creative Director at Publications UK. He is skilled in multiple digital design applications, including Sketch, Sigma, Invision, Zeplin and Adobe CC. With over 20 years’ experience in design and development in multiple sectors and businesses, he is able to understand different users and craft user-centered products and applications.

UI/UX Design 95%

Graphic design 85%

Product Development 75%

Jan Likar

Jan Likar

DevOps & Back-end Developer

Jan is an experienced developer focused on Python and SQL development. With a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, he is also AWS Certified SysOps Administrator (Associate). When he was working as the software developer for a bitcoin exchange, he implemented integrations with banking APIs, maintained payment processing & accounting subsystems, and developed new components with a strong focus on software reliability and correctness.Lead an effort to improve monitoring and reporting systems and reduce the team's operational burden.

Systems integration 90%

Back-end development 85%

Technology architecture 80%

Goran Stankovic

Goran Stankovic

Front-end Developer

Goran is an experienced web developer, following latest trends in web development and up to date with latest technologies. He is very passionate and highly interested in the web development and IT industry. He is skilled in various front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, React, Redux and also API and architecture and has 8 years of experience in front-end technologies building multiple types of applications, including web and mobile applications. He also has a creative mindset and experience developing mobile responsive and accessibility solutions.

JavaScript 95%

ReactJS 80%

jQuery 75%

Technologies we use

Our chosen technologies we work with to deliver outstanding results

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The initial consultation is always free, we will help you assess your need and make a proposal and quote for the project.

Yes, we can send our consultants and developers to work onsite on the project. But of course, if it is not necessary, we normally work remote.

We offer both cloud-based and on-premise solution depending on your needs, we create a customised solution according to your needs.

Typically a mid-tier developer should be able to handle any maintenance work and update without it taking all their time.

C level team members use data outputs to drive high level strategic level decisions, but it is best exploited when used by everyone in the team from business development managers to marketers

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